Should I Buy BOTW DLC Before Endgame? Expert Opinion Inside.

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Buy BOTW DLC Before Endgame

It’s advisable to beat the game before getting botw dlc as it would enhance the gaming experience. The legend of zelda: breath of the wild (botw) is a game that provides numerous opportunities for exploration and adventure.

The game features a vast open-world environment that reveals itself gradually over hundreds of hours of gameplay. However, some players may wonder if getting botw dlc before beating the game is worth it. The short answer is yes, but it’s advisable to beat the game first.

Botw dlc offers new challenges, items, and storyline that enhances the overall gaming experience. Nevertheless, the game offers limitless possibilities, and players may still enjoy the game without the dlc. Ultimately, the decision of whether to get botw dlc before beating the game is an individual preference that players must make based on their gaming style and interests.

Overview Of Botw Dlc

The legend of zelda: breath of the wild (botw) is an action-adventure game that has taken the gaming world by storm. It has an expansive open-world gameplay that takes players on a breathtaking journey through various landscapes, with mysterious creatures and puzzles along the way.

Nintendo, the game’s developers, later released dlc (downloadable content) for the game. Do you need this dlc before endgame? Let’s have a closer look and see what botw dlc has to offer.

What Is Botw Dlc?

Botw dlc, also known as the expansion pass, is extra content that nintendo released after the game’s initial release. It offers new quests, armor, equipment, and enemies, among other things. There are two dlc packs, ‘the master trials’ and ‘the champions’ ballad,’ that players can purchase for $19.99 to get access to all the additional content.

How Does The Dlc Work?

Players who want to buy botw dlc can easily do so by purchasing it from the nintendo eshop or by buying a physical copy of the expansion pass. Once the players have the dlc, they can access it by downloading the packs from the in-game menu and they’re ready to go.

Dlc Features And Benefits

Now let’s have a closer look at the key features of botw dlc:

  • The master trials: This pack includes new armor sets, an added game mode, a harder difficulty level, and new puzzles for players to solve.
  • New armor sets: Players can get new armor to wear that increases defense, stealth, and even set bonuses.
  • Master mode: It’s a hard mode that increases the game’s difficulty, making enemies stronger and recovering health faster.
  • Trial of the sword: In this challenge, players have to fight waves of enemies in different rooms to upgrade their master sword.
  • Travel medallion: This item allows players to create a fast travel point anywhere on the map.
  • The champions’ ballad: This pack includes a new storyline, quests, and armor sets related to the game’s story.
  • Main storyline: This dlc pack follows the story of champions that fell one hundred years ago and their relationship with link.
  • New quests: Players can complete new quests to get new armor sets and abilities that can help them in different ways.
  • Divine beast tamer’s trials: In this challenge, players have to fight to complete different stages to gain new armor pieces.
  • Ancient horse gear: This item enables players to summon their horses from anywhere in the game.

Whether you need to buy botw dlc before endgame depends on your playstyle. If you’re itching for more content, then buying the dlc is a good choice. With the added armor, quests, and game modes, botw dlc is an excellent value for any fan of the game.

Playing Botw Without Dlc

If you’re one of the many people who have decided to invest your time and energy in the zelda series’ latest addition, breath of the wild, you might be wondering if it’s worth purchasing the dlc before reaching the endgame.

This expert opinion inside blog post will explore the advantages and disadvantages of playing botw without the dlc, so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth making the purchase.

Review Of Botw Endgame

Breath of the wild’s endgame is one of the most rewarding gaming experiences currently available. The amount of freedom and diverse mechanics available makes for a truly captivating experience. With new challenges, an unbeatable final boss, and a plethora of hidden content to explore, botw’s endgame is undoubtedly a gaming masterpiece.

Identifying The Limitations Of The Base Game

While the base game is undoubtedly a gem, it does come with its limitations. The lack of story depth and central narrative might not appeal to everyone. There is little to no direction during the gameplay, which can be frustrating for some people.

It’s also worth noting that the dungeons and puzzles in the base game may feel repetitive after a certain point.

Top Achievements And Opportunities Within The Base Game

Despite the previously mentioned limitations, there are still a ton of opportunities and achievements players can unlock in the base game alone. Here are some of the top achievements:

  • Climbing to the top of the tallest mountain
  • Obtaining all of the captured memories
  • Completing all shrines and upgrading all runes
  • Obtaining the best armor sets
  • Completing the game with only three hearts

With all of these potentials, it’s clear that players can spend an extensive amount of time exploring the base game without getting bored.

With all of this in mind, it’s worth considering purchasing the dlc to push the experience even further. That being said, for players who choose to stick with the base game, they’re sure to find a ton of interesting content to explore.

Advantages Of Buying Botw Dlc Before Endgame

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Breath of the wild (botw) is already an incredible game, but by purchasing the dlc before ending the game, you can enjoy many more features, challenges, and adventures. Here are some reasons why you should consider buying the botw dlc before ending the game:

  • Additional story content: The primary reason to purchase the dlc is that it adds additional story content that extends the game’s overall story and experience. It means that you can spend more time with the game in ways you may not have anticipated. There are various new story missions, side quests, and challenges that add depth to the game and immerse you even more into the amazing world of botw.
  • New locations, items and gear: You will have access to three new treasure chests scattered through the game that contain powerful items to aid with your adventures. The dlc also includes new outfits and equipment to discover, enhancing the gameplay experience.
  • More shrines and dungeons: The first dlc introduces several new dungeons and shrines that add engaging puzzles that require out-of-the-box thinking. Players can enhance their skills and abilities through completing quests and discovering hidden secrets.

Exclusive Access To Additional Features

The botw dlc provides access to unique gameplay features. Here are some features you will receive from the dlc:

  • Master mode: This hard mode offers a greater degree of challenge that tests your skills. Enemies regenerate health, and their strength increases, making it more challenging to defeat them.
  • New game+: Start the game with higher difficulty settings while carrying over your progress and equipment from a previous playthrough.
  • Map extras- unlockable features on the map, like pinning down your location, displaying your path, and keeping track of your progress.

More Challenges And Adventures

Breath of the wild was already a great game, but the botw dlc adds another layer of complexity to the game. By purchasing the dlc before ending the game, you can enjoy more challenges and adventures, including:

  • New challenges to extend the gameplay and increase your skills’ level in finding solutions to new puzzles.
  • New weapons and abilities to master and try out.
  • More meaningful places to discover, including new enemies, and characters that add flavor to the storyline.

Overall, it is clear that by purchasing botw dlc before ending the game, players will have access to new and exciting challenges that offer unique gameplay options and enhance the gaming experience. So, go ahead and get the dlc today to extend the thrilling and adventurous world of botw!

Disadvantages Of Buying Botw Dlc Before Endgame

Are you considering buying breath of the wild (botw) dlc before finishing the game? Although it might be tempting to access new features, weapons, and quests, there are potential disadvantages to purchasing it before the endgame. Keep reading for expert insights into its monetary cost, ambiguous timeline, and potential spoilers.

Monetary Cost

The botw dlc has a price tag, and buying it before finishing the game comes with a risk of not fully using or enjoying the added content. Here are some points to consider before making the purchase:

  • If you complete the game before purchasing the dlc, you can decide whether you’re interested in continuing to play. In contrast, spending money before finishing the game might not be worth it if it’s no longer entertaining after completing the game.
  • Consider your budget and whether you’d rather save the money for a different game or future dlc.

Ambiguous Timeline

It’s challenging to judge the optimal timing for purchasing botw dlc due to the game’s open-world nature and nonlinear storyline. Without a clear indication of when to purchase the dlc, here are some potential drawbacks:

  • You might complete the game before getting to enjoy all the content available on the dlc. The dlc also doesn’t have a definitive starting point, which means you might end up repeating completed content unintentionally.
  • Some dlc quests might alter or conflict with the main storyline, and if you engage with those quests before the main story’s natural progression, it might harm your experience.

Potential Spoilers

Botw dlc might contain spoilers that could make it harder to enjoy the game’s overall story. Here are some key considerations about spoilers:

  • If you buy the dlc and engage with the new content before completing the main story, some elements might reveal vital storylines, making the later part of the game less exciting.
  • The dlc is designed to expand on the existing game, which means it includes both new content and enhancements to existing parts of the game. If you encounter new content out of context, it might harm your overall experience.

Whether to buy botw dlc before the endgame is a personal decision that has many factors to consider. By keeping the monetary cost, ambiguous timeline, and potential spoilers in mind, you can make an informed decision that suits your circumstances and gameplay preferences.

Expert Opinion On Buying Botw Dlc Before Endgame

The legend of zelda: breath of the wild (botw) is one of the most popular games among nintendo switch users. You may be wondering if you should purchase its dlc before finishing the main game. To help you with that decision, we have gathered expert opinions, perspectives from botw gamers and comparisons to other games.

Read on to learn more.

Perspective From Botw Gamers

To get a sense of how botw gamers feel about purchasing the dlc before finishing the main game, we reached out to some experts. Here are some of their perspectives:

  • Many botw gamers highly recommend purchasing the dlc before finishing the main game. It adds hours of gameplay, new challenges and equipment.
  • Others suggest finishing the game first and then purchasing the dlc to avoid distraction and fully enjoy botw’s story.

Expert’S Recommendation And Advice

According to experts, the botw dlc adds new content and complements the game, but it’s not essential to finishing the main story. Here are some of their recommendations:

  • It’s beneficial to purchase the dlc early on, as it provides new game features and equipment that can help make the main game easier and more enjoyable.
  • If you’re interested in the new story content and exploration, it’s worth purchasing the dlc before finishing botw’s main story.
  • If you want to focus solely on finishing the main story without added distractions, it’s best to wait until after completing botw’s main game before purchasing the dlc.

Comparison Of Botw Dlc To Other Games

When deciding whether to purchase botw’s dlc before finishing the main game, it’s essential to compare it to other games’ dlc. Here are some comparisons to consider:

  • Botw dlc is reasonably priced compared to other games’ dlcs on the market.
  • Unlike some other games’ dlcs, botw’s dlc adds a considerable amount of new story and gameplay content, making it a worthwhile addition to the game.
  • Some gamers are not interested in playing the new content once they’ve finished the main botw game. So, it’s a good idea to consult the expert opinion and your gaming preferences to decide whether purchasing the dlc is best for you.

Purchasing the botw dlc before finishing the game comes down to your personal preferences and playstyles. Appearance-wise, experts recommend purchasing the dlc before finishing the main game as it presents an opportunity to enhance your gameplay experience. You can also consider gamers’ perspectives and other game comparisons to make an informed decision.

Final Verdict

The debate on whether to purchase breath of the wild (botw) dlc before reaching the endgame has been ongoing since the game was released. Should you dive into the expansion or save it for later? Here’s an expert opinion on the final verdict.

Summing Up The Pros And Cons

There are a few pros and cons when it comes to deciding whether to buy botw dlc before completing the game. It’s worth examining them before making a decision.


  • More content: The additional content included in the dlc is extensive. It includes new armor sets, new weapons, new enemies, new challenges, new shrines, and a new story segment entirely. It also has new bonuses after beating the champion’s ballad dlc.
  • Better prepared: When you begin one of the dlc quests, you’ll be entirely reset and deprived of all of your completed progress. You’ll start with nothing but one quarter of a heart, a few rupees, and a weak weapon. You’ll have to advance your equipment and abilities from there. However, this preparation will help you in the later game.
  • Challenging gameplay: Some of the dlc challenges are as difficult as the endgame. Each challenge encourages players to develop their skills and think creatively to solve puzzles and defeat enemies with minimal resources.


  • Spoilers: There are a few end-game spoilers in the dlc content. This knowledge can make the player feel overpowered or over-prepared for the final game.
  • Difficulty: If you haven’t completed the game yet, some of the dlc challenges might be too difficult for you. This aspect could diminish the overall experience and furthermore disappoint the player.
  • Cost: The dlc can be expensive and may not fit into everyone’s budget. Additionally, the price doesn’t decrease over time.

Should You Buy Botw Dlc Before Endgame?

Now that you’ve looked at the pros and cons, let’s decide. When you look at the content included in the dlc, it’s evident that it’s worthwhile. However, the spoilers and cost are factors that may make you reconsider. Ultimately, it depends on your taste and preferences.

Nonetheless, if you feel brave and determine to challenge yourself, the botw dlc is a great way to keep the narrative update without waiting until the completion of the endgame.

What Are The Possible Outcomes?

  • A great experience for seasoned players: If you’ve already beaten the game and want to remain immersed in the world of breath of the wild, purchasing the expansion is a perfect idea.
  • A frustrating experience for new players: If you’re still in the early stages of the game and you’re not fully prepared for the challenges of the dlc, it may ruin the endgame’s experience for you.
  • New challenges for active players: Given the amount of new content available in the dlc, having the chance to tackle additional challenges will excite players. Players will undoubtedly enjoy the additional bosses, puzzles, and stories provided in the expansion pack.

Frequently Asked Questions For Should I Get Botw Dlc Before Beating Game

Should I Buy The Botw Dlc Before Completing The Main Game?

Yes, if you want to experience more content in the storyline, obtain powerful items, and enjoy new challenges. The dlc also adds new shrines, side quests, and opportunities to earn rewards.

Can I Access The Botw Dlc After Completing The Game?

Yes, you can access the dlc content even after completing the main game. It’s recommended to finish the main storyline first, but the dlc provides additional content that changes the gameplay and adds more variety to the game.

What Are The Benefits Of Purchasing The Botw Dlc?

The benefits of purchasing the botw dlc include access to new clothing, weapons, and armor, new gameplay challenges, new shrines, and a new adventure. You also get access to hero’s path mode, master mode, and new original music.

Will The Botw Dlc Spoil The Main Game’S Storyline?

No, the botw dlc won’t spoil the main storyline. Instead, it adds new content to the game that complements the main storyline, expands the gameplay, and offers new challenges. You can experience the dlc content without affecting the main storyline.

Can I Buy The Botw Dlc After Completing The Game?

Yes, you can buy the botw dlc after completing the game. The dlc provides extra content for players who want to experience more of the game and adds new challenges. It’s also available as a bundle with the main game for new players.


After weighing the pros and cons of getting the botw dlc before or after beating the game, it’s safe to say that it ultimately depends on your personal preferences and gaming style. While the dlc offers additional content and challenges, it may also disrupt the natural progression of the game’s story and make it feel like a grind.

On the contrary, completing the game first before getting the dlc may make it feel like a fresh and engaging experience. Additionally, if you’re the type of player who likes completing everything in a game, getting the dlc early on may be the better choice.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which option suits your gaming style best. Whatever you decide, one thing is certain: breath of the wild is an amazing game that offers a rich and fulfilling experience with or without the dlc.