Why Handwritten Thank You Notes Make an Impression

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A simple thank you goes a long way to show someone that you care — or simply that you appreciate something he or she has done. The same holds true for your business. A handwritten note to say “thank you for your business” will make the addressee feel valued and show that you care.

Here are ways that a handwritten note will make an impression:

Stronger, More Positive Interaction

Simply put, it takes more time and effort to write out a physical card than it does to draft an email or text message. Although it takes longer to write a physical card, the recipient will appreciate the time you’ve taken to acknowledge what they’ve done.

y creating a positive interaction, you can help to build your customer base or keep your team happy to continue working for you.

More Personal Connection

Companies send out email or text message marketing blasts almost constantly. Instead of using a computer-generated thank-you message that may even end up in the spam folder, a handwritten note delivered in the mail is a tangible reminder to the recipient that he or she is appreciated.

Meaningful Novelty

Handwritten notes are a bit of a lost art. In the modern world, it’s easier to just send a quick email to get your point across. An actual handwritten note can convey that same message in a much stronger way.

Plus, a handwritten note gives the recipient a physical reminder that you appreciate him or her, continuing the positive interaction each time he or she looks at the note.

Gesture Sets You Apart From the Pack

Thanking someone for being there for you, for taking the time to do something he or she may not have normally done, or for being a customer of your business ranks high on things that people will remember. If you take the time to write a thank-you note, you improve the chances that a strong business relationship will continue.

By taking the time to send a handwritten and physically mailed note instead of an email or text message, you’re communicating to the recipient that he or she matters to you, even long after the sale or job is completed.

Recipient Feels Appreciated

If someone goes out of his or her way to help out on a project, goes above and beyond normal job functions, or purchases something from your company, a thank-you note makes him or her feel appreciated.

By taking the time to write the note by hand, you take the demonstration of your appreciation a step further than a simple “thanks.” This helps foster a stronger connection to the other person, which is something he or she will remember.

In the modern era of emails, text messages, junk mail, and spam, it may seem that the handwritten letter is dying. The reality of it is that it now means more than ever before. By taking an extra few minutes to write a thank-you note, you’re also creating and strengthening a business connection that can last for years.

Why Handwritten Thank You Notes Make an Impression

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