Top 3 Reasons Why Females Should Invest

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Real estate is one of the most lucrative investment opportunities. Many people have found success investing in real estate, but the majority appear to be men.

While the number of female investors has grown over the years, real estate is still dominated by the male population. In fact, a recent survey discovered that only 29% of women are interested in investing. This is mostly due to a lack of knowledge, which deters them from delving into investments like real estate. This is unfortunate, because there are so many ways to enable women to achieve success in property investment.

If this is something that interests you but you feel unqualified, take a look at the following reasons which will help you understand why you, as a female, should invest.

Great Savers

Before you even think about investing, the first thing you need to establish is whether you have sufficient capital or you have a savings plan in place. It’s very likely that you will, since statistics show savings is a female-related strength. The majority of women will have money put away but don’t capitalize on it by investing.

If you have money hidden away, then instead of leaving it for a rainy day, you should invest in a piece of real estate. You may have enough set aside to buy a property outright or you could have enough for a deposit. Whatever you have, you can use it to generate generous returns in both the long and short-term.

Long-Term Thinkers

Another great quality that the majority of women have is the ability to think on a long-term basis in comparison to men who tend to invest for a quick profit turnaround. While these can be lucrative they also tend to be short-lived, which may not be an excellent strategy for securing your future.

Female investors have the advantage of thinking ahead regarding retirement or their child’s future. This long-term thinking is associated with property investment, which more women are starting to recognize. RW Invest discovered a 78% rise in female investors at the end of 2018.

Women who have invested in real estate during this time benefited from quick returns in the form of monthly rental income, as well as the potential for capital growth should they decide to sell the property later down the line.


When investing, women tend to be much more aware of the risk with 72% rejecting riskier investments in comparison to men who tend to invest first and think later. This is beneficial, as it means female investors take their time to examine potential investments and establish which is the best option for them.

However, this is also one of the many obstacles that women have faced in the investment world, as many are risk-averse and therefore feel less confident investing. To restore the balance of male and female investors, property experts have set up support services and guides which helps first-time investors better understand the risks and how to combat them when purchasing real estate.

Women in Real Estate: Top 3 Reasons Why Females Should Invest

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