Life Coaching Retreats for Meditation and Relaxation in Ireland

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You always hear people saying life is simple. But come on, is it really? If life was so simple, why is every person living on earth struggling with it? I mean, you don’t see anyone strut the streets claiming that they’re champions of life, right?

The truth is that many of us have absolutely no idea what we’re doing in this world. We’re just living each day, conquering it, without really knowing where we’re heading. Sure we have plans, dreams, and ambitions but at the end of the day, we all just seek one thing – and that’s purpose. Read this:

If I were to ask you right now, what is your purpose in life? Will you be able to answer me with a straight face?

If you can, then good for you! Maybe champions do exist in life. But for many of us, the answer to that question is yet another question mark. We don’t know for who, what, or why we’re doing the things we do each and every day. We have tiny objectives we wish to fulfill but we have a hard time trying to figure out the big picture that we’re trying to achieve. We tend to ask ourselves questions like:

Why am I working so hard?

What is the point of all this?

What happens after I’ve achieved everything I have set out to do?

But you see, it is exactly because we don’t have a clue about what’s going on that makes life so interesting. If we were to be experts in everything, if we always knew exactly what to do, then life wouldn’t be as fun anymore, don’t you think?

The unconventionality, the surprises, and the things that are unbeknown to us are the very things that drive us to self-discovery (read more). It is what makes us chase after the very thing we call “life.”

If you’re feeling lost or unmotivated and everything that’s happening around you doesn’t make sense at all, don’t be afraid to seek help. We all fight a similar battle. We all look for answers to the same questions. If we are not to help each other out, then who will right?

Luckily, there are those of us who simply understand life a little bit better. This doesn’t make them better than the rest of us nor should they make us feel envious because they seem to have everything together. Believe me, they don’t.

But these people have thought long and hard about what life really means, they went out to the world and experienced it for themselves, and they dedicated years and years to uncovering things about themselves in order to help people who walk a similar journey as them. These people are what we call “life coaches” and fortunately, we have respectable ones here in Ireland too. In fact, they host meditation retreats in Ireland as well!

The Importance Of Meditation and Relaxation To Realizing Your Purpose

When life gets too busy, your mind gets crowded. And just like heavy traffic, it can sometimes get jammed up. Maybe, just maybe, this is why you’re having a hard time finding meaning in what you do – and you don’t even know it!

Life’s hectic ways are nothing new but it is only when you let these situations get the best of you that your purpose is lost in the chaos.

This is why it’s important that you learn how to sit back, relax, and just empty your thoughts.

You see, work is always going to be there. Problems at home are always going to be there. Failed relationships will not be resolved if you think too much about them.

We get so preoccupied drowning ourselves in our own chaos that we forget what it is that truly matters. We chase after happiness so much that we end up being more miserable than we were yesterday.

Sometimes, all it takes to see more is to look less. Sometimes, all it takes to feel more is to feel less. This is why meditation and relaxation are integral factors to your journey towards a more purposeful life.

Rushing doesn’t mean you’ll get to finish this race first. It only means that you’ll get tired first. After all, life is a marathon and not a sprint. You have to learn how to conserve energy whenever and wherever you can so you can push yourself when it really matters.

Life Coaching Retreats for Meditation and Relaxation in Ireland

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