How to Get Started with Your Commercial Construction Project

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A lot of questions will come up when you start a commercial construction project such as what exactly to build, where to build, where to get all the permits from, etc. — especially when you’re new to the construction business. There are a lot of things to keep in mind before starting the construction. You not only need to verify the environmental and structural requirements, but you must also go through all the legal aspects of constructing a commercial project.

This guide will help you get started with your commercial construction project and will answer the most common questions that construction project managers have so you can complete your project successfully and without problems that could be avoided.

Look for a Commercial Contractor You Can Trust

As you progress on your construction project, you’ll find yourself asking your construction contractor for expert advice all the time. Building a healthy relationship with a commercial construction contractor is crucial. By combining your knowledge and their expertise, you can brainstorm ideas and deliver the best results.

Therefore, you should find a reliable contractor. Ask your colleagues for referrals, and make sure you get three or four proposals before choosing who you’ll work with.

Another benefit of building a healthy relationship with a commercial contractor is that you won’t have to look for other contractors for future projects. Think of all the time and energy you’d waste looking for a new commercial construction contractor every time you need one.

2. What to Construct?

You’ll surely have a few ideas scribbled on paper, but to start construction, you’ll need a professionally developed blueprint. A blueprint helps you craft the design requirements of your project and gives you a clear idea of engineering, architectural, and budget requirements.

3. Where to Construct?

Location is critical for every commercial building. If the location isn’t right, the chances of the business succeeding decrease. If you’ve already found a plot for your project, have a legal and engineering requirement check done so you know if it’s possible and smart to construct a commercial building in that location. Also, it’s always better to keep a couple of options in mind in case one doesn’t work out.

Ask a few questions before finalizing the plot such as:

  • Does the location serve your commercial needs?
  • Where will you get the most value for your project?
  • Where you can afford the land?

It’s important to save funds for future maintenance. Also, ask your contractor which land he or she considers to be the best depending on your project requirements.

4. Things to Keep in Mind When Deciding a Site

Does the site have the potential to support your design? How close is it to wetlands such as rivers or lakes? Is the site in a seismic zone? Is the site prone to another natural disaster?

You need to focus on all of these aspects while selecting the plot, so you can be confident that you’ll be able to keep the building safe for a long period of time. Do your research prior to finalizing the plot to know all of the potential site snags and how to dodge them.

5. Do You Have All of the Permits You Need?

You need to know all of the types of permits you need for your commercial construction project. Also, you need to know all of the documents you need to submit for the approval of the project. Talk to your contractor – who should have prior experience in getting permits – so you fully understand the process.

6. The Time Required to Complete the Project?

It’s important to have an idea about the time required to complete your  project. Contact your contractor to discuss the timeline, and be sure to consider including some extra time for the project. There are various issues that can cause project delays.

Bottom Line

Completing a commercial project might not be an easy task if you don’t have a complete understanding of all of the project details. Make sure you have the right contractor working with you so you can complete the project successfully and without hassles.

How to Get Started with Your Commercial Construction Project

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