Digital SEO Agency Services You Should Hire for Your Blog this Year

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With countless websites popping up in the online world every day, it’s so easy to get drowned in a huge sea of competition. Chances are, you’re not the only one who publishes a fashion or travel blog, and you’re not the only one who’s making money out of your business website or e-commerce store.

And even if you think your niche is the most unique out there and nobody’s ever going to come up with the same idea, you can still come across tough competitors specializing in a similar or the exact niche! After all, we all learn ideas from other people. And by the way, read this article if you still struggle in finding your own blog niche.

Truth is, some folks out there don’t just learn your ideas for inspiration—they steal it, thinking they could come up with a better version of your content. We’ll never escape copycats no matter how you struggle to be unique. Some people are just lazy and dishonest.

The point is, your blog will always have direct, tough competitors out there. It’s important to take a closer look into these direct competitors and find out where they’re gaining ground, especially if you’ve already turned your blog or website into a full-time career or a side hustle that you’re earning money from.

You need to analyze how you measure up to your competitors. What are the strengths and unique selling points of your blog or website? Are there better ways you can further amplify your edge over others in the same niche?

One of those ways you can do this and something you should constantly invest in is SEO. What’s the use of your beautiful site with content that’s always on point if it’s placed on the tenth page of search results? Most readers aren’t patient enough to scroll beyond the second page!

The challenging part is mastering all the technical sides of SEO. Most business owners, are too busy with content creation and managing the day-to-day activities of their companies, and they’re not SEO experts. The problem is you may not have enough time and energy to devote to SEO, but it’s crucial to your success. Check this out to learn how to manage your time better as a creative:

SEO: To Hire In-House or Outsource?

There’s no easy answer to this question because it depends on several factors. Between the two, outsourcing would always be more economical. Hiring in-house staff to manage your SEO can be a little complicated thinking about the regular payroll, employee’s benefits, taxes, and more, but the best part is you can always monitor your staff and communicate with them anytime on a daily basis. Besides, they can focus on one job alone – taking care of your site’s online rankings and reputation.

Outsourcing this task to an agency would mean that they have to juggle your project along with their other projects, which could be too many. However, as long as you clearly communicate your goals and needs and be a hands-on kind client in continual communication with the agency, then this shouldn’t be a problem at all. It’s really up to you to constantly check if the progress is consistently aligned with your goals. Visit this to learn more on how a digital SEO agency can help you out:

SEO Services You Should Pay For

If you don’t have the budget and capacity to hire an exclusive staff, you have no other choice but to outsource. What are the services you should pay for this year?

Boost your site’s speed.

One of the most recent trends this year is that Google rewards sites with faster loading speeds. This is why many site owners will do all they can to get lightning-fast loading speeds. Are you going to allow yourself to be left behind? Of course not! That’s why boosting your site’s speed should be a top SEO priority for your blog or website.

Find someone who is well-versed with JavaScript.

Major search engines rank JavaScript-driven sites higher. That means these websites will continue gaining ground this year. Therefore, familiarize yourself with at least Java basics. Of course, the question then becomes how are you going to squeeze that into your already tighter-than-tight schedule. The solution is to leave it in the hands of expert programmers, which most SEO agencies have on staff.

Come up with an enhanced mobile version of your site.

These days, most internet users browse the web through their smartphones. Therefore, you should be monitoring your mobile search rankings and understand how well your blog or website is doing. This specifically means that your blog should have a user-friendlier mobile version.

Invest in your progressive web app (PWA).

Have you heard about web apps? They’re important because most internet users browse websites through their phones. PWAs are basically websites that look and feel like mobile apps making them the most user-friendly of all the enhanced mobile versions of the websites you know. Many e-commerce sites have switched to this layout as well as online magazines and other content platforms.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget about quality guest posts. You know – that good-old strategy that helps you earn more site traffic. You can always ask help from other professional content writers to create a guest blog post written and published for you.

Got other tips to share? Leave a comment below.

Digital SEO Agency Services You Should Hire for Your Blog this Year

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