4 Reasons Why an Online Presence Does Matter for Your Business

The marvels that technology has brought to this life cannot be understated. From having to wait months to see a loved one who traveled the world to now when they are a video call away is a giant step for mankind. It might even be larger and greater than Neil Armstrong’s accomplishment of being the first person to walk on the moon.

And with changes in life come changes in how people do things. Before the age of the cellphone, people were content with picking up a dusty phone book and calling up a business, only trusting in the veracity of the publishers.

In this new age, habits of people have changed. No longer are they willing to trust anyone lightly. Some variable effort is put into doing a background search, and the first place they turn to is the internet. Now here’s the kicker, they are looking for your business and you are nowhere to be found. Cue the doubts and curiosity.

But, why would you need an online presence? Your business has been doing okay and you’re not worried. Well, here’s why.


Whether you’re a small business or a shark in your pond, consumers love it when they can research businesses. Your competition is already building their presence online. Whenever someone searches for products or services that you sell, your competitors benefit if you have no online presence.

As stated earlier, habits have changed. In this age, people prefer to buy from businesses with an online presence, especially those that deliver. This leaves them with free time to accomplish other tasks. Convenience is the name of the game. If the customer can get your services anywhere and any time of day, they will surely stick to using your services.

Brand Establishment

As a business, significant effort has to be put into not only attracting new customers but also into maintaining the ones you already have. In this digital age, the best way to do that is to set up an online presence.

With this, you begin to set yourself apart from the competition and showcase why it is consumers should pick you and not them. It also doesn’t require much work or expense to advertise. There are various tools and options, some even for free, which can help you in your efforts to be the best in your industry.

A Greater Audience at Your Fingertips

The recent advantages in technology have made the world a global village. Everyone has been gathered in one place. What this means is it’s now easier for you to reach not only people locally but many more people who may require your products or services.

Online advertising in the form of social media and search engine advertising can drive significant traffic to your business. According to a study by Adobe titled State of Digital Marketing, social media advertising led non-customers to click on websites three times more than actual customers did.

Opportunities are Galore

You may have been thinking of scaling up your business for some time. Physically, this would have been a great undertaking in terms of costs like licensing, hiring staff, or even adding product stock. In the virtual world though, this changes.

A website allows you to set up an online shop. Combined with digital marketing, you’ll be selling your products or services without having to pay a pretty penny for marketing. This also means you don’t have to get physical premises (otherwise known as a brick and mortar store) if you don’t want to. You can simply use your storage to stock up on your product and restock as necessary.

The advantages of online commerce are immense. Not only do you get to scale up beyond your area, but you can also reach people several states away, or even go international if you so wish. All you’d need to do is sort out shipping.

First impressions make lasting impressions. If you have a great looking website, consumers will immediately look at your business as one that is credible and worth investing in. They will pick your business over any other big name that has a poorly built website, or that has none at all.

At the end of the day, you need rest. However, your website will not need one. As you close your physical store, the online store will continue to receive orders, therefore making you money while you sleep. This does a lot more for your bottom line.

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Elizabeth Engen is an Online Business Strategist and Founder of Premier SEO Ninjas, a digital marketing agency that has helped doctors and lawyers grow their practices since 2009. She provides innovative and results-driven internet marketing solutions so business owners become even more successful in their chosen fields of endeavor. This Google Premier Partner has been building compelling campaigns for 17 years and has worked with clients in twenty countries around the world.

4 Reasons Why an Online Presence Does Matter for Your Business

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